Solar Infrastructure Components

Tucson's "Optics Valley" is now "Solar Valley," and in recognition Ambalux has launched a product line to support the rapid growth of solar photovoltaic electrical generation.

The SolarSensor combines calibrated insolation (sunlight brightness), ambient temperature and inverter AC power measurements in a single, networked device that makes monitoring your PV installation a snap. No more wiring into the premises or over-priced OEM hardware.

Packaged in a weather-tight, NEMA 3R enclosure, the SolarSensor includes a network-enabled web server to PV system performance is available using a WiFi connection and any web browser. With onboard data logging, the network enables the PV service technician to assess PV system operation through the web. No need to open the inverter to access the inverter data port. SolarSensor also includes an optional alarm function to report possible tampering with the array or inverter.


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