High-Bandwidth Underwater Transceivers


Ambalux engineers and technicians utilize state-of-the-art electronics and optics labs, and an in-house machine shop, to develop, prototype and manufacture unique sensor and communication products. Our core capabilities include:

Low-Noise optical receivers for visible and infrared communications and sensor applications. Some companies design optical assemblies, others high-performance electronic circuits. We do both, meeting your performance and schedule goals.

High-Efficiency visible and infrared optical transmitters (laser and incoherent) for communications and sensor applications. We can select a commercial optical source or design and manufacture a new one to meet your performance and cost requirements.

Prototyping and design for low-cost manufacturing. Our personnel have worked in both commercial product-development and aerospace environments, so we know how to trade cost and performance to meet both your technical needs and your cost targets. Plus, we can fabricate and test your prototype in house.

Field-testing and test support. Our personnel have extensive experience with field testing of electro-optical systems in industrial, airborne and underwater environments.

Performance modeling. We build and test our communications and sensor systems and use the results to refine performance models. We can accurately predict the performance of your system under a variety of conditions before hardware is built.